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Workshop at the Legal Live on Tuesday, 9th of November

Aktualisiert: 8. Nov. 2021

We proudly announce our workshop “Discover three ways to a client relationship of trust through inhouse insights and a psychologist's perspective at the Legal Live on Tuesday, 9th of November at 2.30 pm.

Experience inhouse insights and a psychologist’s perspective on how to create trust in the relationship between you as a lawyer and your client. Take this interactive workshop to gather insights on your clients´ (secret) desires and learn to build a trustworthy client relationship in an hour.

You will get a practical tool kit which will support you in the following:

- Making sure that your client perceives you as competent

- Staying in control when you feel unsure whether you meet your clients' expectation

- Unleashing the power of making your client happy

If you want to learn about these steps to bring your client relationship to the next level, this workshop is right for you.


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